How does Nebraska/Iowa 211 benefit me?

There may come a time that you or someone you know needs help, but don’t know exactly what kind of assistance is available – let alone how to access it. When you reach out to 211, we will assess your situation and then utilize an extensive, up-to-date database to find the best resource(s) to meet your needs. We are a one-stop source of information for people in need of assistance, acting as a single point of contact to thousands of social service programs.

211 in Iowa and Nebraska follows standards recommended by Inform USA. The Inform USA Standards and Quality Indicators for Professional Information and Referral are reviewed and published regularly and are free to view online.

Who is 211 for ?

  • Families seeking services for their children
  • Seniors seeking legal assistance, benefits help, volunteer opportunities
  • Businesses helping an employee find resources to help their family
  • Laid-off workers struggling to feed their families
  • Disaster victims seeking information
  • Individuals who have lost their job during COVID-19
  • Teachers, clergy, and agency staff seeking help for their clients
  • Families who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage due to the impacts of COVID-19
  • Anyone seeking services in their community

How does calling Nebraska/Iowa 211 differ from calling 411?

A variety of factors distinguish 211 from 411. For example, the 211 Helpline and database is maintained by a nonprofit organization, rather than a telecommunications company, and the service is offered to callers at absolutely no charge. Moreover, Nebraska/Iowa 211 minimizes the use of automation, and provides much more than mere directory assistance. We employ trained Information and Referral Specialists who ask questions, make assessments and offer assistance navigating potential service providers. The Community Resource Specialists are both caring and empathetic; they are people to call when you don’t know where to turn for help.

Can you assist Non-English Speaking individuals?

Non-English speaking callers are assisted by bilingual staff or a telephone interpreting service with access to240 languages.

Do you have many programs in your database that can help me?

A comprehensive and up-to-date database is maintained with over 10,000 programs and services listed in Nebraska Each caller’s circumstance varies and trained Community Resource Specialists work with each individual to try to locate resources that may be able to assist them. You can access our programs here.

Are texting services available?

Texting service are available in Nebraska and Iowa. By texting your zip code to 898211, you will reach a trained specialist who can assist you.

Do other states have 211?

211 is currently available to over 90% of the United States population, check for more information.

What is 211’s role in disaster response and recovery?

In addition to our primary role of connecting residents to the help they need, Nebraska/Iowa 211 is involved in local disaster planning, response and recovery. Whether it is a flood, windstorm, extended heatwave, ice storm or other types of disasters, 211 provides support to community and emergency service providers in the event of a disaster.