Headset Heroes: Serving up Stories of Hope

This past week, we were honored to host Jennifer Figueroa from Hope Harbor of Grand Island to speak during our monthly NE211 staff meeting. Hope Harbor provides transitional and emergency shelter, as well as general assistance with transportation, hygiene, health, and budgeting assistance. 

NE211 refers our Grand Island community members in need to Hope Harbor, to empower individuals to obtain permanent housing and become more self-sufficient. We are proud to partner with Hope Harbor, as they make our community stronger. 

Hope Harbors serves up stories of hope! A resident describes her time with Hope Harbor:

“I lived in my last apartment for over 20 years. It was hard to make ends meet, but I always paid my rent. I didn’t get evicted for not paying rent, but someone in the apartment complex had bed bugs. With my extra money, I tried to fix the problem, but it wasn’t enough and he evicted me. I’d never been homeless before. I heard about Hope Harbor from a friend. I was very nervous coming here, I didn’t know anyone and I’d never been in a shelter before. I have a cat who is like my kid and I had to find a place for him to go while I stayed in Hope Harbor. Thankfully some very generous people have helped me pay for my cat’s shelter. I applied for housing right away once I moved in, and I was put on waiting lists. I have been waiting over eight months for an apartment to open up. I applied for all the income-based apartments I could and I just found out this week that I will have a place of my own very soon. While living at Hope Harbor, I saved up $1,500 dollars and I’m debt free, except for the boarding bill for my cat. I’ve never had that much in savings before!

I started my wish book four or five months ago while living at the shelter. When I find things that I love to look at or things I’d love to own someday, I add them to my book. I love the colors and textures in these pages, especially the bed frame. I love these whiteboard floors. I’d like to have my own home, but realistically I know that’s unlikely. I like to dream though. If I run out of room in this book, I plan to get a new one. My dream book makes me happy.

I had a roof over my head and three meals daily while living at Hope Harbor. I was safe here and I could save money. I’ve made friends and I was nervous coming here, but not anymore. I’m glad I came here. I’m excited to get out on my own and have my cat back. I miss him.”

We are thankful for the impact Hope Harbor has made in the lives of many, and are proud to call them a NE211 partner. Click here to learn more about Hope Harbor.